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Josephine PL ONG

Mother and Son

R&D Education and Training Services was set-up in 2009 when I realised that I needed more career flexibility and dynamism while balancing the different roles as a full-time working hands-on mother.  It was also then that I decided that it was the right time to start building my dream – enjoying both success and significance in life.

Following a painful and helpless loss of my precious twin son, Dylan, and (yes!) an unforeseen breast cancer scare, I realised that I had to bring forward my dream of leaving a successful legacy, especially for my surviving twin son, Ryan, and the people around me.

Everything and anything else didn’t matter anymore except to have the chance to live just one more day to bring meaning, desire and inspiration to as many as I can. 

Using realistic, structured and practical strategies such as sharing real-life success stories of ordinary and humble characters, I help people see themselves in a positive light, building on their unique strengths and competencies while coping and managing day-to-day challenges at different life stages.

So, will I have a happy ending?  I sure HOPE so, but I do KNOW that the journey to the end will be well-served and spent, and it is my best hope that your life story turns for the better from today on.

Let me help you re-write your life story. 



Support That Makes a Difference

R&D Education and Training Services have been proudly bringing AUTHENTIC, INSPIRING and RELEVANT (AIR Framework) programmes and services to all since 2009.  What differentiates us is the ability to genuinely connect with clients through our personal touch and to provide the excellent service they deserve.

Our programmes are carefully created, curated, developed and delivered by Josephine PL ONG, who applies fundamental elements of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Solution-Focused Coaching, Agile and Agility, Professional Coaching and Mentoring, as well as Professional Facilitation techniques to deliver them.

We follow an “ABC” approach in our programmes; creating AWARENESS on the content, BUILDING on existing knowledge, expertise and skills of our customers, and COLLABORATING together on suitable successful outcomes.  

Our vision is to help others “be better versions of themselves today for tomorrow” and it is our best hope to continue to keep going, keep growing and keep glowing with our partners and clients through the years.

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Personal Branding, Professional Image

Do you want to ...

  • be yourself and love yourself

  • discover personal branding at your best

  • find meaning, purpose and drive again

  • take actions and achieve your goals

  • look good, feel good and do great

Walk away with a professional profile

e-photo and a career development plan

In collaboration with Mrs Fish Bridal Makeup and Hair, and L'eaine Skincare.


Career | Leadership | Empowerment | Academics | Relationships

Programmes and services that reach out to young people between the ages of 15 to 35 years old.

Youth @ School

Youth @ Business

Youth @ Career

Flagship programmes such as:

​- Head start to a new start

- From the classroom to the boardroom

- Empowering children, Championing youths

- Exams and stress coaching

- Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things

- GEMS (Grooming, Etiquette, Manners and Social Skills)

and many more.

Work Colleagues
Team Project


Training, Facilitation, Coaching and Mentoring

Embracing life long learning and continuous learning, corporate programmes such as business communication, presentation, team building, performance enhancement, working in a culturally diverse environment, handling difficult situations, leadership, empowerment, personal branding and etiquette skills.

Anchor courses such as:

- Effective Business Writing

- Customer Service Excellence

- Leading with Meaning

- Accelerate to the Next Level

- Project Women

- Coaching with CARE (client, action, relationships and empathy)

- The Art and Science of Relationships

- The Ripple Effect Mentoring Programme

- Business Communication and Presentation Skills

- Building Teams that Work

- Reflections Image and Etiquette Consulting


Women Professionals / Active Agers

Taking a break from work to spend more time with family or pursue your studies doesn't have to stop you from your passion and finding purpose. Whether you're transitioning from school-work life, taking care of your children, retired from the corporate world or just tired of doing the same thing over and over again, you can still find meaning and make a difference.

Specialised content that reaches out to niche groups:

- Women Warriors

- Pain into Gain

- Beautiful Inside Out

- COALS that Shine (Character, Opportunities, Action, Leadership and Service)

- ReFIREment, not Retirement

- Conversations from the HEART

- Mothers on the Move

- Bring a Smile to Every Child

- Beautiful world, Fragile world

- Dylan's Heart 

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No matter the challenge, we are here to coach you and help bring about significant positive change.



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