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Executive Empowerment and Engagement Programme for Leaders

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A 3-stage framework for leadership preparation that includes formal leadership training embracing adult and social learning theories, leadership-focused executive and life coaching, as well as industry-specific mentoring partnerships.

This programme is especially suitable for young candidates between ages 15 to 35 years. We also warmly welcome the "young-at-heart" and highly experienced professionals who may wish to serve as trainers, coaches and mentors.

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Care, Kindness and Respect


Be Better, Live Better

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My Story

Josephine PL ONG

R&D Education and Training Services was set-up in 2009 when I realised that I needed more career flexibility and dynamism while balancing the different roles as a full-time working hands-on mother.  It was also then that I decided that it was the right time to start building my dream – enjoying both success and significance in life.

Following a painful and helpless loss of my precious twin son, Dylan, and (yes!) an unforeseen breast cancer scare, I realised that I had to bring forward my dream of leaving a successful legacy, especially for my surviving twin son, Ryan, and the people around me.

Everything and anything else didn’t matter anymore except to have the chance to live just one more day to bring meaning, desire and inspiration to as many as I can. 

Using realistic, structured and practical strategies such as sharing real-life success stories of ordinary and humble characters, I help people see themselves in a positive light, building on their unique strengths and competencies while coping and managing day-to-day challenges at different life stages.

So, will I have a happy ending?  I sure HOPE so, but I do KNOW that the journey to the end will be well-served and spent, and it is my best hope that your life story turns for the better from today on.

Let me help you re-write your life story. 

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Our best hope is to prepare, equip and empower people with various personal and professional development programmes, that are of high quality and relevant, to be better today for tomorrow, and thereby leading better and meaningful lives.


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Achieve Your Goals

Support That Makes A Difference

1. We offer authentic, inspiring and relevant (AIR) coaching, mentoring and training programmes.

2. We reach out to schools, corporations, community groups, families and individuals.

3. We help clients be better today for tomorrow by equiping and empowering them with intentional and high quality content.

4. We create, curate, develop and deliver our unique programmes that are researched and developed constantly.

5. Our clients walk away being better, feeling better and living better by being ready and prepared for the future.

6. To spread values of care, kindness and respect so that everyone can be their best versions to value-add and make our world a better place for all.


CLEAR (Careers, Leadership, Empowerment, Academics and Relationships)

Young people between the ages of 15 to 35 are constantly transitioning and exploring different life stages at school, home and work.  

We dedicate this space to help youths and young adults navigate their studies, careers and relationships, while building leadership, communication and people skills, and to bring out their strengths, talents and abilities in all settings.

Flagship programmes:

1. GEMS (Grooming, Etiquette, Manners and Social Skills)

2. C.L.E.A.R. Youth Coaching and Mentoring

3. From The Classroom To The Boardroom (the Transition Tool-kit for Youths)

Other programmes:

- Exams and Stress Coaching

- Head Start to a New Start - Transition Coaching

- Career Development, Job Seeking, Interview Skills and Personal Branding

Collaboration with:

Emunah Coaching and Training

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Project Women

Women are an incredible source of energy and actions.  We wear multiple hats all at once and are expected to do well in our roles and responsibilities. 

Yet, we continue to STRIVE, SURVIVE and THRIVE.  We dedicate this space to all women, young and old, to equip and empower us to truly LIVE, and be that powerful force to all around us.

Flagship programmes:

1. Women Warriors

2. Mothers on the Move

3. Conversations From The Heart

4. Pain into Gain

5. ReFIREment, not retirement

Collaboration with:

L'eaine Skincare

Mrs Fish Bridal Makeup & Hair




Embracing life-long learning and continuous development, we focus on bringing relevant skills and knowledge to adapt to the constantly changing needs. 

We curate, create, develop and design suitable programmes for specialised groups and companies to help them respond promptly to the flexibilities and uncertainties out there, while developing people for successful and impactful outcomes.

Available programmes:

- Coaching with CARE (individual/pair/small group)

- Business Communication and Presentation Skills

- Effective Business Writing

- Team Communication and Collaboration

- Building Teams that Work

- Leading with Meaning (Self-Leadership)

- Accelerate to the Next Level

- Customer Service Excellence

- Sales Conversions through Coaching

- The Art and Science of Relationships

- Reflections Image and Etiquette Consulting

- The Ripple Effect Mentoring Programme

and more

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No matter the challenge, we are here to support you and help bring about significant positive outcomes.

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Want to hear more about how we can transform your life? Contact us today to schedule a session.

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